• Adjustable to Fit All Trucks
  • Installs In 15 mins
  • Removes to Enable Towing
  • Ships in 10 Business Days 

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2 tier trimmer swing arm with handheld blower

Ordering Info

There are 3 sizes:

48", 55", and 60" 

Truck Ramps are only offered unpainted at this time 

The 48" ramp is 51" wide overall with a 48" opening.  This ramp fits on all trucks but was designed for smaller trucks like The older Rangers, Tacoma's etc. 

The 55" ramp is 55" wide overall with a 52" opening. This ramp is a new addition and is for trucks  that fall in between small and full size trucks like the dodge dakota and nissan frontier. 

The 60" ramp is 60" wide overall with a 57" opening. This ramp is designed for all full size trucks.

  Custom Applications are also available


This systems install in the receiver hitch on your truck. You MUST have a hitch in order to use the ramp. This is the only attachment point. It's recommended that ratchet straps be used as added support (see install video for placement)

Once the order is placed it cannot be canceled or returned

Canada Customers:

When ordering a ramp by itself or with accessories for shipping to canada, please add the 1 "CANADA SHIPPING CHARGE" product to your order.  This charge only applies to ramps. When purchasing accessories without a ramp you do not need to add this charge. Feel free to call or text me at 813-494-4108 if you have any issues or need further clarification

Assembly and Installation Video

About Me

My name is Dale Otero and i've been in property maintenance for about 15 years. In late 2007 I was securing, inspecting, and maintaining over 300 properties a month. Over the years I have developed equipment and systems to make my job easier. At first it was just dovetail ramps and a few racks in our box trucks. Later I started building and modifying more of our equipment. I designed and built mowers , custom dump trailers, and material handlers. In late 2011 as work started to slow down I started looking for ways to increase  profitability and decrease expenses. I took another look at the work I was doing and at the equipment I was using and decided to build a new trailer. I still use that trailer today as my primary rig, it can be seen here on my YouTube channel. In April of 2017 As work futher deminished I developed this ramp system to solve a problem I was having. I had a few mow and go's left in a zone I was no longer taking work in about 60 miles from my area of operation. I was under contract with the bank to which the properties belonged so I couldn't just give them up. I needed a more cost effective way to complete them and decided that pulling my trailer out there for just grass cuts was a bit overkill. Again, these were just Mow and Go's so I didn't really need the trailer. Instead of getting a smaller trailer I decided to go back to the basics. When I was first starting out I built dovetails for my commercial trucks, why not one for a pick-up truck? However I still needed to use my trailer 3 to 4 days a week so the ramp needed to be light and removable. Using this ramp has reduced my fuel and tolls by half making those few cuts much more profitable. This system is NOT designed to replace a trailer though for certain people I think it can. Rather It's designed to be an added resource that doesn't cost much to operate or require alot of room for storage. For me the problem was solved.